510-985-WARD (9273) or email: warden.cases@gmail.com

WHO WE ARE: The Wardens are an Office of the Grey Council created to address issues of magickal malfeasance which many of us are increasingly being called upon to deal with. These involve sorcery, hoodoo, and black magick used in classic magickal bilko operations, extortion, cons, manipulations, threats, blackmail, rip-offs, dominance, mind control, rape, and other abuses. This is the sort of malevolent magick that the old anti-Witchcraft and anti-fortune-telling laws were intended to protect people from.

REPERCUSSIONS OF ABUSIVE MAGICK: Since the early ‘50s, as members of the Craft began to be identified as a religion, laws have been progressively struck down as infringement of religion on the basis of the 1st Amendment. In recent years, an increasing number of magical con artists have been extending the scope of their operations and victimization—to the detriment of the reputation of all magickal practitioners.

WHY WE CAN HELP: As members of the Grey Council, prominent magickal practitioners, and even students of the occult, we are becoming increasingly well-known to the public (from writing books, interviews, etc.). Increasing numbers of cases are being brought to our attention by victims seeking our protection. Since we, as magickal practitioners, all know each other, those of us who are being approached by victims have over the past few years been talking together about these issues and cases, and comparing notes. It soon became obvious that a national (eventually international) coordinated effort was called for. [The Office of Wardens is NOT connected to the Grey School, or under GSW authority in any way, nor is such connection implied.]

WE RESPOND TO AND INTERVENE: in cases involving any of the following kinds of threats;

Mystical Human Predators
Malevolent Coven or Group
Ritual Crime / Fraud
Metaphysical Environmental Issues
Entity Problems
Misfired Workings
Occult Related Mundane Threats
Untrained / Unshielded Talents Magicians
Unexplained Phenomena

If you require assistance with any of these issues please call 510-985-WARD (9273) or send an email to warden.cases@gmail.com